Bettie Page & Pet Monkey

Bettie Page & Pet Monkey

bettie page

bettie page and a monkey

bettie page was one of the first sluts to strip down and let people take naked pictures of her she gave birth to the nude magazine a true smut pioneer and also the first celebrity to own and operate a pet monkey as documented at the website all about pet monkey ownership and the fate of the drugged up celebrities that own them.

for years bettie page has stood the test of time as hand down one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced the lens to have her pictures taken and her nude image has transformed generation of perverts over the ends and her picture lines the minds of pool halls and trailer parks tattoo parlors all over the mid west and all across the great state of texas.

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College Naked Party Girl Self Shot Pictures.

College Naked Party Girl Self Shot Pictures

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Naked Party Girl Self Shot Pictures.

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shacking the big boobs agian. she gets drunk at parties and sucks every ones dick thats why she quit drinking in the first place now look at that cock sucker going to town its almost to cool to ever end but it cant go on for ever every week end drunk and giving out free blow jobs and those huge tits and all the Cell Phone porn Generated from the wasteland after math.

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time like these i like the thought that i can use my cell phone to take the rawest pictures

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Self Shot blonde with massive tits thats got to hurt getting ripped from tumblr and landing here for our entertainment From Tumblr

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blow job self shot image

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Tanning Bed Naked Selfies

Tanning Bed Naked Selfies this chick is pushing the limits of sexting by sending out this before a night of partying

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tanning bed naked selfies

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tanning bed selfies are a dieing breed becuase those beds are going out of style and all the people using them are getting kemo .


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Happy Birthday Naked Selfys. Made in America .

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Rachet Pussy Naked Selfies

Rachet Pussy Naked Selfies

Rachet Pussy Selfies

Rachet Pussy Selfies every night

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Latex Naked Selfies

Latex Naked Selfies this babe is all dolled up for a little bondage sex action and taking a break from the sex to pose for some self shot images sex selfies every thing is better in latex even selfies and naked latex selfies are the best .

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Dorm Room Naked Selfies this girl is in her dorm room taking naked pictures of her self and posting them online to tumblr and shit like that she so fucking hot and shes just give out naked selfies i wish she wood start giving out blowjobs.

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Naked Selfies Made in America Sunburned Tits.

Naked Selfies Made in America Sunburned Tits.

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