Bettie Page & Pet Monkey

Bettie Page & Pet Monkey

bettie page

bettie page and a monkey

bettie page was one of the first sluts to strip down and let people take naked pictures of her she gave birth to the nude magazine a true smut pioneer and also the first celebrity to own and operate a pet monkey as documented at the website all about pet monkey ownership and the fate of the drugged up celebrities that own them.

for years bettie page has stood the test of time as hand down one of the most beautiful women to have ever graced the lens to have her pictures taken and her nude image has transformed generation of perverts over the ends and her picture lines the minds of pool halls and trailer parks tattoo parlors all over the mid west and all across the great state of texas.

betty page

betty page whipping ass

fine ass vixen throwing down and bettie page pulling out the stops as she lets her bondage sex freak partner know hows driving this bus.

i dig it the most vintage bettie page in bondage . fetish lead me to selfies and this strange lust for fresh selfies and vintage bettie page maybe it came from tumblr  i digg timblr alot and its a tool for sub geniuses.